Mystic Ruth

I met Ruth Callard-Rogers (Mystic Ruth) about 18 years ago while living in the UK. I was keen on having a tarot reading and was so happy with our in person session that I kept coming back.

Subsequently I have had multiple tarot readings with Ruth both in person while being in the UK and via video link calls after I moved to the USA 5 years ago. I have always enjoyed the experience and looked forward to our next session.

The readings were extremely insightful and served as a vehicle for understanding myself.

Ruth takes you on a journey where you see yourself, your situation, your relationships through a magnifying glass. Your life with your personal relationships, highs and lows appears in front your very eyes and you see all the missing pieces and can complete the puzzle.

Ruth also helps you to find inner peace, believe in yourself and your inner strength. She has always guided me on my path, helped me to move forward and become a happier person through personal growth and understanding of my personal values and priorities in life.

Last but not least Ruth is a very articulate, intuitive, generous and fun person. I grew to treasure her presence in my life and consider her a friend I can reach out to every time I need her insight and assistance.

I can highly recommend Ruth to anyone who is looking for help, direction, insight into their current situation and those who want to grow professionally and personally.

Anastasia Myers