Mystic Ruth

Bradley Keene

I met Ruth, when I was around 18. I was uncertain at first how I would be guided. I was very hesitant and possibly difficult at times where I can be extremely stubborn. However, Ruth is always 100 per cent accurate in everything she says and does and when I didn’t know what to believe […]

Mandy Neate

I have been seeing Ruth for personal and spiritual counselling for many years and when the pandemic hit I was faced with some very challenging personal problems. Ruth has shown herself to be a very kind and patient person who has supported me through my dark days… checking up on me and always seeming to […]

Andre Smague

I have been working with Ruth for 8 years. Tarot readings, life coaching, chakra meditation, energy balancing, past life regression; we’ve done it all. After my first divorce Ruth helped me so much. I was broken and lost and had no idea what to do. Ruth is very honest and doesn’t sugar coat anything. This […]