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Psychic Tarot Readings

Ancient Wisdom updated for a Modern Age

The Tarot offers a visual, esoteric and insightful exploration into our psyches through the medium of these informative Cards. Packed with knowledge, they offer up ancient wisdom in the form of life guidance for a modern age. 

From general overviews to 12 month forecasts; relationship readings to career moves, they assist in giving us focus and direction, help to replace confusion with clarity and enable us to see our life choices more clearly when they are literally laid out on the table.

For me, the Tarot provides an inspiring mind, body, spirit coaching aid to help us live our best lives. Be the best version of ourselves. Clear blocks from the past & negativity from our present while providing a positive framework for our way forwards.

“Ruth is an amazing Tarot reader! She can get a lot of information across in the time you are with her. Feedback from clients is always exceptional. They are blown away by her accuracy! Ruth doesn’t waste any time. She tells you in no nonsense terms what you need to know at that time.”

Discover Your Truth With Mystic Ruth

Based in Wiltshire; Reading Tarot for Clients Worldwide

What is a Tarot Reading? 

A divination process taking you on a journey of self-discovery through the Tarot Cards.

Who is a Tarot Reading for?

Just about any truth seeker with a genuine interest in finding out more about their personal and spiritual growth. 

Why book a Tarot Reading?

Book a Tarot Reading if you…

YOU may be single, part of a couple, engaged, married or divorced. You may be a husband, wife, partner, parent or grandparent. 

YOU may have a career, be in-between jobs or run a business; be a student, carer or charity worker; an employer, employee, retired or simply resting…

Whoever you are and whatever you do, you can be sure your reading will be unique to you with psychic insights and spiritual guidance drawn from the wisdom of the Tarot.

Why book with me?

I have been working as an Intuitive Coach and Tarot Reader for over 30 years. I am Clairvoyant and Clairsentient. This means I see and feel what is around and within you. I connect through the strong visual medium of my Tarot Cards. I call my cards wisdom keys as they open the doors of limitless possibility. Something we all possess but often need help to access.

My readings involve clearing blockages from the past, giving clarity to the present and outlining possibilities for the future. I act as a mirror to help reflect your true potential and purpose. As a Tarot Reader and Mind, Body, Spirit Coach my sessions are practical and down to earth. Although there is fate there is also free will and while I am happy to advise, we are all ultimately responsible for the choices we make.

I may not tell you what you want to hear but I will tell you what you need to know.

By working together, I show you how to start making positive changes to your life today with spiritual wisdom, empathy, intuitive guidance and common sense. I look forward to connecting.

From 30 minute sessions up to 2 hour deep dives, start making the right choices for you today by blending spiritual insights with personal development strands.

In-person, online, by phone and email options available. 

Psychic Tarot Readings incorporating life guidance, spiritual insights and intuitive coaching. 

Available in person, online via video link, by ‘phone or email. Choose from 30 minutes up to 2 hours depending on requirements.

Includes general overviews, 12 month forecasts, home, family, work, love, career and relationship readings.

Readings are available on week days between 8am & 4.30pm and Saturday mornings between 8am & 1pm.

Host a Tarot Party in your own home for up to a maximum of 12 guests over 3 hours. 

Parties are available on week days or nights between 6pm & 9pm or on Saturday mornings and afternoons. Please enquire for more information based on the numbers attending and length of readings required. Psychic & Holistic Party packages also available.

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Book Mystic Ruth’s ‘Tarot on Tour’ service as entertainment for your employees or guests at parties, fun days, theme nights, conferences and special occasions. Mini Tarot Readings for up to 3 hours include static, mix and mingle & table hopping delivery.

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“Ruth was my resident reader at events when I ran them and was always busy from start to finish, often still working after the event had officially closed and other participants had gone home!
She does many corporate events as well as one to one sessions and approaches every booking with great professionalism and confidentiality.”

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For other Mind, Body, Spirit Services including Energy Balancing, Past Life Regression, Personal & Spiritual Development & Life Coaching please contact me to discuss in more detail and for more information regarding session fees.

Personal Development

The one person you are best at being is yourself. Explore your identity, habits, relationships and career aspirations. Feel supported, mentored. Achieve, maintain and grow your goals.

Spiritual Development

If you feel there's more to life than the material, are aware of a higher power at work and are focused on your spiritual being, it's time to shine like the star that you are.