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Spiritual Development

What does Spiritual Development mean to you? The Esoteric, Signs, Synchronicities, the meaning of life? Explore your inner purpose as a Spiritual Be-ing as opposed to a Human Do-ing.

Here we look at everything you are drawn to & why. We explore the deeper mysteries of life, the universe & everything. Together, we find the path to your highest calling. From Past Life Regression, Spiritual Concepts & Tarot to Energy Balancing, the Ancient Masters & Modern Spiritual Thinkers, we look at what serves our greater good.

For every individual this is an adventure into the psyche. A face to face embrace with all that needs to be hugged & integrated as part of our life purpose while releasing all we have been holding on to but need to let go of. Here we are free to explore all that we are & all that we want to be. There’s no right or wrong. Just a deeper understanding of our soul journey and life mission. Drop me a message & we can have a chat about the best way forwards for you.

Tone up your mind, body, spirit muscles with a range of development tools including psychic protection, grounding, visualisation and meditation techniques, guided journeys, house cleansing, working with dreams, past life regression, energy balancing through the rainbow chakras and tarot insights.

Spiritual Development Coaching with Ruth ...

Put the Zen into your Zone with deeply relaxing sessions designed to nurture and nourish. Boost Mind, Body, Spirit Wellbeing through a range of holistic and relaxation practices.

Improve your memory, mood, focus, clarity, concentration and de-stress.

Experience Energy Balancing through the Rainbow Chakras as a 1 hour deep, guided meditation including protection, grounding, opening, balancing, closing, sealing and cloaking. Or as a 2 hour theory and meditation session including chakra basics plus practical techniques to revitalise the energy centres.

Explore previous incarnations with this deep, guided, meditative journey into past lives. In person only. Allow a minimum of 2 hours. Sessions include preparation, breathwork, hypnotherapy techniques, guided meditation and journeying plus post session analysis.

A range of guided meditations aiding personal and spiritual growth, energy balancing and offered as part of meditation, mindfulness and stress management services.
Including anxiety dreams, precognition, dreams with a spiritual significance, serial and recurring dreams, astral projection, astral travel and lucid dreams.
Learn how to cleanse your own living space from a home office to your whole house. Handy tips and techniques to keep the energy of your environment positively charged.

Spiritual Development Coaching

Book for Spiritual Development Coaching if you are…

Are you:

Looking for a bespoke coaching service which is unique to you?
A coach who actively listens but also tells you what we need to do to build you better? 
A coach who puts you first and walks with you every step of the way?

Would you like to:

Fully explore and understand any spiritual gifts, signs and synchronicities that have led you to this point of discovery? 
Have total freedom and flexibility to grow at your own pace without feeling you are being fobbed off or programmed to facilitate a generic set of goals which aren’t yours?
Have a coach you can check in with when you need to instead of being pigeonholed into scheduled sessions, with fixed duration times and no access to support outside of these?

Book with me to: 

Start your spiritual development journey or take it to a more advanced level knowing that I am undertaking it with you.
Explore which aspects of the esoteric will best serve your higher purpose and fuel your mission here on this earth. 
Feel helped, guided and supported enabling your enhanced spiritual awareness and abilities to flourish.

My coaching is for you if: 

You are genuinely open to and ready to make the changes necessary to transform.
You want a coach who works with you and not against you. 
You want to achieve results not through years of hourly, generic clock sessions but strategically tailored, ad hoc deep dives enabling you to work at your own pace as you grow and gain insight.

My coaching isn’t for you if: 

You are resistant to change, fixed in your behaviours and after instant results. 
You want to hear what you want and not what you need to grow.
You sideline home practice set to help you achieve your goals and maintain continuity.

Why book with Me? 

As a former national newspaper trained journalist and business entrepreneur, I re-prioritised my path in life and took the spiritual road less travelled. 
I started reading playing cards as a teenager, progressed to tarot professionally and over 40 years later I have embraced many careers spanning all walks of life, but my cards have remained a constant.
My cards are my passion. My spiritual journey is lifelong. We are all of us spiritual beings here on earth exploring the human condition. We all have something to learn and to teach.

Still interested? book a free call with me today to start your spiritual coaching journey. 

Don’t take my word for it. Read what my spiritual coaching clients have to say.

“When the pandemic hit I was faced with some very challenging personal problems. Ruth has shown herself to be a very kind and patient person who has supported me through my dark days… checking up on me and always seeming to know when I needed to be contacted to give me words of encouragement to face the day ahead.”

Personal Development

The one person you are best at being is yourself. Explore your identity, habits, relationships and career aspirations. Feel supported, mentored. Achieve, maintain and grow your goals.

Psychic Tarot

A Tarot reading takes you on a journey of self-discovery. Explore your psyche, thoughts, feelings, choices and potential outcomes through the wisdom of the tarot cards.