Mystic Ruth

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re considering your first tarot reading you may be unsure of what to expect, what happens, how it works or what reading might be best for you. Find out more here or contact me if you still have questions

If you are seeking general life guidance and spiritual insights, I offer a general overview and twelve month forecast. Alternatively, you may have specific reasons for your reading you wish me to look at in depth.

There are 78 cards in a Tarot deck. 22 Major Arcana cards representing life’s lessons and the wisdom to be gained from them and 56 Minor Arcana cards representing the choices and decisions we need to make regarding everyday life situations.

Working with both enables us to see how one impacts on the other.

In person readings work well if you don’t have too far to travel and transport is not an issue. If you live outside of a reasonable visiting radius, are UK wide or in another country, online via video link or a regular phone call are your best options. Having a reading from the comfort of your own home also suits those whose commitments and personal circumstances make it challenging to visit in person.
No. While it’s great to see you in person the tarot reading works equally well whichever method you choose for delivery. I connect through my tarot cards wherever you are in the world and read for clients in Europe, the Middle East and USA as well as throughout the UK.
I call you and read the tarot cards for you just the same as if you were with me in person. Plus, you can input, ask questions and seek additional guidance as we go.
No. An online tarot reading via video link is still face to face. We’re just in different places, connecting and communicating as if you were visiting me at my home.
Unless you are simply card curious, that’s not how a tarot reading works, particularly for sessions requiring a specific focus. The cards will flag up aspects of your life and situation but won’t help you decide what to do about it. When you outline your reasons for having the reading we can go straight to the heart of the matter enabling you to be better informed and clearer on your choices. This gives you added clarity and direction moving forwards. Some situations are very complex and require breaking down into their individual components. This takes time so don’t waste it waiting to see if I am going to work out why you’re having a reading.
No. I offer life guidance and spiritual insights through the tarot cards. Not messages from loved ones who have passed on. Do get in touch though if you’d like me to recommend mediums I have worked with.
No. I do not offer one to one in person tarot readings where I travel to you. The only exception is for private parties where I attend a host house to read for a group.

I come to you and read for up to 12 people over a maximum of 3 hours. Most popular gatherings are for groups of 6-9 people. Parties are usually held during the day, Mondays to Saturdays, or evenings during the week between 6pm and 9pm. Party fees vary but incur additional fees for Friday and Saturday nights as well as travel costs depending on your location.

For more details please contact me.

No. Personal readings are weekdays between 8am & 4.30pm and Saturday mornings between 8am & 1pm.
Not usually, although I occasionally attend community and charity fundraisers.
Yes. From company fun days, theme nights, fancy dress balls and formal functions to conferences, product launches and exhibitions. Mini tarot taster sessions, static, mix and mingle and table-hopping services to suit all special occasions. For more details please contact me.
Yes. I do offer tarot readings at hen parties including hen weekenders and read for bride, groom and guests at wedding receptions. For availability and to table a free call about your big day please contact me.
By all means. Treat someone you love for a special occasion or just because you care. To book a reading as a gift contact me.
Specific health, finance, fertility and legal outcomes.

Most sessions are an hour giving us time for a general overview and twelve month forecast or to look at specifics in depth. Two hour sessions are also available if your situation and choices are particularly complex. In person readings with me at my home are usually for an hour. Email readings are also for an hour due to the added factor that the tarot insights need to be written up and sent to you as well as read. Shorter half hour readings are available for general guidance by phone or online via video link.

Yes, if they are under 18 or I feel it is not a tarot reading they need.
Leave a minimum of 6-12 months between tarot readings to enable you to process the information and move forwards. Annual readings are popular with many of my regulars. However, it’s fine to have a reading in between times if there have been new developments or you want to look at something we haven’t covered previously.

Most of my clients are regulars or referred by friends, family members and work colleagues. Others find me online, via word of mouth, have seen me working at an event or are simply drawn to book in with me. I have over 30 years Tarot experience but started with playing cards in my teens. There’s nothing mumbo jumbo about me. I may not tell you what you want to hear but will tell you what you need to know. You don’t just get a card reading. The Tarot enables me to bring decades of life experience and knowledge to the table. Be prepared for intuitive insights but also for personal and spiritual development advice, career, business and relationship coaching, house moves, stress management and motivational support.

My testimonials speak for themselves. Don’t take my word for it. Check them out here.

Ask away. Table a free call, text or email today – contact me.

“Ruth is a very articulate, intuitive, generous and fun person. I grew to treasure her presence in my life and consider her a friend I can reach out to every time I need her insight and assistance. I can highly recommend Ruth to anyone who is looking for help, direction, insight into their current situation and those who want to grow professionally and personally.”

Personal Development

The one person you are best at being is yourself. Explore your identity, habits, relationships and career aspirations. Feel supported, mentored. Achieve, maintain and grow your goals.

Spiritual Development

If you feel there's more to life than the material, are aware of a higher power at work and are focused on your spiritual being, it's time to shine like the star that you are.

Psychic Tarot

A Tarot reading takes you on a journey of self-discovery. Explore your psyche, thoughts, feelings, choices and potential outcomes through the wisdom of the tarot cards.