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Bradley Keene

I met Ruth, when I was around 18. I was uncertain at first how I would be guided. I was very hesitant and possibly difficult at times where I can be extremely stubborn. However, Ruth is always 100 per cent accurate in everything she says and does and when I didn’t know what to believe or didn’t want to believe it, Ruth always ended up being true and making sense. Ruth has helped me continuously and was and always will be a big part of the start of my personal journey of healing & development. I always found it hard to trust anyone. I had personal struggles that were really affecting me until my sessions with Ruth with all the wisdom and life lessons she shares from the goodness of her heart. Since then, I have gained strength, an open mind, and explored many different perspectives. Ruth has helped me grow as a person and will always be a part of the man I am today. I have been healed many times, am forever grateful, still have sessions to this day and I’m 26 this year! From the big moments in my life, with many challenges, to the smallest things I have had on my chest, Ruth has always been there to set me straight, get me back on track and guide me in the right direction without judgement, helping me feel at ease always and showing me that there is a positive and always something to learn wherever I go and whatever I experience. Sessions with Ruth are always life changing and exciting. Ruth has not only helped make a massive difference to my life, she has also become a dear friend. It has really meant a lot to me as I felt I never really had someone who is there for me other than family. It is always amazing that Ruth is there to save the day and help me get back on track. I would always highly recommend her to anyone. Bradley Keene

Mandy Neate

I have been seeing Ruth for personal and spiritual counselling for many years and when the pandemic hit I was faced with some very challenging personal problems. Ruth has shown herself to be a very kind and patient person who has supported me through my dark days... checking up on me and always seeming to know when I needed to be contacted to give me words of encouragement to face the day ahead. I would not hesitate to recommend Ruth and have found her to be honest even when I haven't wanted to hear it but needed to hear it. Someone I can trust and know that anything I have talked about is 100% confidential. We all need a Ruth in our lives and I feel very blessed that I do... thank you Ruth. Mandy Neate

Andre Smague

I have been working with Ruth for 8 years. Tarot readings, life coaching, chakra meditation, energy balancing, past life regression; we’ve done it all. After my first divorce Ruth helped me so much. I was broken and lost and had no idea what to do. Ruth is very honest and doesn’t sugar coat anything. This direct approach is sometimes sharper than your ego would want but is always what you need. We have kept in touch, and I have regular tarot readings (once a year) which are always enlightening and super accurate. Just recently I really needed Ruth and as always, she was there for me providing support and guidance. A truly wonderful spiritual person who has helped me when I have needed it most. Ruth comes very highly recommended and I will be forever grateful for the time she has made for me. Andre Smague

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The one person you are best at being is yourself. Explore your identity, habits, relationships and career aspirations. Feel supported, mentored. Achieve, maintain and grow your goals.

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If you feel there's more to life than the material, are aware of a higher power at work and are focused on your spiritual being, it's time to shine like the star that you are.

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A Tarot reading takes you on a journey of self-discovery. Explore your psyche, thoughts, feelings, choices and potential outcomes through the wisdom of the tarot cards.