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Jamie Faircloth

For the past 6 years Mystic Ruth has guided and supported me through some of the most challenging periods of my life. Her accuracy and understanding of human nature and patterns makes her a truly gifted healer. In the early days of my time spent with Ruth I would often feel like she could read my mind, reaching inside my brain to find the past pain I had otherwise buried in order to bring it to the surface and heal. Her predictions and yearly forecasts have proven to be accurate time and time again with the events she describes falling into place like clockwork, she’s the best in the business. Ruth has been my tarot reader, my psychic, my therapist and now she will always remain my lifelong friend. Jamie Faircloth

Malcolm Ricks

Sometimes you need to hear the truth to be able to change, if you listen to Ruth with an open mind and no set agenda she will help you change. We chat every 6 months and I always look forward to catching up and I can honestly say she has helped change my life for the better, any subject, any situation, Ruth has always been there to help with professional and spiritual guidance. She is a truly gifted person. Malcolm Ricks

Jamie O’Dwyer

I have been a client of Mystic Ruth for many years. She is someone I have turned to, time and time again, for her good counsel and mentoring. Her advice and guidance proved invaluable, as her emotional and spiritual intelligence offered the kind of new perspectives I needed to challenge negative narratives, flip the script and open doors for personal evolution. She has been the compass that I've relied on to navigate life's stormy waters and reach calmer shores. Jamie O'Dwyer

Bradley Keene

I met Ruth, when I was around 18. I was uncertain at first how I would be guided. I was very hesitant and possibly difficult at times where I can be extremely stubborn. However, Ruth is always 100 per cent accurate in everything she says and does and when I didn’t know what to believe or didn’t want to believe it, Ruth always ended up being true and making sense. Ruth has helped me continuously and was and always will be a big part of the start of my personal journey of healing & development. I always found it hard to trust anyone. I had personal struggles that were really affecting me until my sessions with Ruth with all the wisdom and life lessons she shares from the goodness of her heart. Since then, I have gained strength, an open mind, and explored many different perspectives. Ruth has helped me grow as a person and will always be a part of the man I am today. I have been healed many times, am forever grateful, still have sessions to this day and I’m 26 this year! From the big moments in my life, with many challenges, to the smallest things I have had on my chest, Ruth has always been there to set me straight, get me back on track and guide me in the right direction without judgement, helping me feel at ease always and showing me that there is a positive and always something to learn wherever I go and whatever I experience. Sessions with Ruth are always life changing and exciting. Ruth has not only helped make a massive difference to my life, she has also become a dear friend. It has really meant a lot to me as I felt I never really had someone who is there for me other than family. It is always amazing that Ruth is there to save the day and help me get back on track. I would always highly recommend her to anyone. Bradley Keene

Cherry Mackie

I just wanted to thank you so much for my reading today. Also, to thank you for being so frank and real. I feel a weight is being lifted already. I needed someone to give me a good talking too and you did that but very nicely. Thank you. Love and light to you. Cherry Mackie

Phil D’Arcy

I had a reading with Ruth before Covid and went back in January this year. While I don't remember the reading I do remember the feeling that Ruth was honest and direct. Nothing specific but I had a feeling I wanted another reading. The reading revealed that I needed to be a little bit more proactive which has inspired me to set up a new venture. Often-times we need to be told what we already know. I feel I would have just thought about what I wanted to do. However, after the reading I made proactive steps to move forward which I wouldn't have done without the reading. When I feel I need a reading in the future Ruth will be at the top of my list. Phil D’Arcy

Anastasia Myers

I met Ruth Callard-Rogers (Mystic Ruth) about 18 years ago while living in the UK. I was keen on having a tarot reading and was so happy with our in person session that I kept coming back. Subsequently I have had multiple tarot readings with Ruth both in person while being in the UK and via video link calls after I moved to the USA 5 years ago. I have always enjoyed the experience and looked forward to our next session. The readings were extremely insightful and served as a vehicle for understanding myself. Ruth takes you on a journey where you see yourself, your situation, your relationships through a magnifying glass. Your life with your personal relationships, highs and lows appears in front your very eyes and you see all the missing pieces and can complete the puzzle. Ruth also helps you to find inner peace, believe in yourself and your inner strength. She has always guided me on my path, helped me to move forward and become a happier person through personal growth and understanding of my personal values and priorities in life. Last but not least Ruth is a very articulate, intuitive, generous and fun person. I grew to treasure her presence in my life and consider her a friend I can reach out to every time I need her insight and assistance. I can highly recommend Ruth to anyone who is looking for help, direction, insight into their current situation and those who want to grow professionally and personally. Anastasia Myers

Amanda Langford

Ruth has read Tarot for myself and friends many times with complete accuracy on every occasion along with empathy, guidance and fun. Ruth is extremely qualified in this field and I come away with renewed hope with life's issues. Amazing lady, highly recommend. Amanda Langford

Crystal Spirit

I would like to thank Ruth Callard-Rogers for being an amazing mentor and teacher, for her support of me personally and of my Crystal Spirit shop, for running meditation groups, for readings and for workshops. I highly recommend any of her services including her courses, workshops and development days. If you have the opportunity to get a place on any of these, you will be over the moon with the results. Do enquire and book your place asap as they are snapped up very quickly. I get asked about Ruth, her tarot readings, workshops, psychic suppers, meditation courses and coaching services more than any other reader or therapist. Whether you see her privately, or at an event, she will offer you her best with care and professionalism at all times. Ruth was my resident reader at events when I ran them and was always busy from start to finish, often still working after the event had officially closed and other participants had gone home! She does many corporate events as well as one to one sessions and approaches every booking with great professionalism and confidentiality. Crystal Spirit, Wiltshire

Helen Jackson

Ruth is an amazing Tarot reader! She can get a lot of information across in the time you are with her. Feedback from clients is always exceptional. They are blown away by her accuracy! Ruth doesn't waste any time. She tells you in no nonsense terms what you need to know at that time. Her knowledge is quite remarkable and she explains things in a way that most people can understand. Many of her clients have gone on to experience one of her many other personal and spiritual development services. I am proud to be able to highly recommend Ruth as a reader and very intuitive mentor. She has truly helped and supported me. Helen Jackson

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